Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors


Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated garage doors reduce the transfer of temperatures and sounds. They are beneficial for both attached and detached garages. For attached garages your heat and electric bills will be significantly less. Insulated garage doors keep heat inside during wintertime and keeps the cold air out. During the summertime insulated garage doors keeps your garage cooler by keeping the heat out and cooled air in. If you use your attached or detached garage as a workshop, office or a studio an insulated garage door is the way to go. Insulated doors help reduce dents, and is ideal if you have children that play outside. Your garage door will last longer and look better if you decide to have it insulated. Insulated garage doors also add property value to your home.

Difference Between Insulated Garage Doors

R Values

Hollow – No Insulation R0

Vinyl Back – Low Grade Insulation R7.65

Polystyrene – Mid Grade Insulation (white) R9.65

Polyurethane – High Grade Insulation (yellow) R17.19